It’s a freaking miracle.

In a lot of ways.

So, since I last shared with the world, I was rescued from Pasadena, CA by a good friend and her three huskies, taken north to the Oregon Outback where I have been camping in the desert for a few months.

This has been the weirdest couple months of my life and I’ve learned a lot about who I am and the kinds of people that are worth my effort.

Why is it that the people with the most in life give so little, but the people who have nothing will give it all?  They have nothing because they DO give it all to help others and I find that now when I have nothing, I feel richer than when I had it all?

Life is friggin weird, yo.

I stopped wearing makeup and dressing up and worrying about how people saw me and immediately found people who liked me anyways (wtf?)

I have no money to give but my willingness to help others has made me more friends than money ever has.

I stopped caring about my weight and immediately lost a ton of it.

I’ve learned that 99% of what people have is unnecessary.

I’ve learned how to milk a cow and more about recreational and medical pot use than any other non-pot user.

Oh and Goats are assholes.

Also….My tent.  I have found the most badass tent in the universe.  More about that later.

I’m moving closer to my goals of travel but now its less about running and more about exploring and that just feels better.

And the sky here.  Cloud Porn. Pure and Simple.


Facing Fears: Fish aren’t Friends

Facing Fears: Fish aren’t Friends

Phobias are ridiculous.  Seriously ridiculous.

My phobias?  Fish and dead grasshoppers.  Ichthyophobia and Acridophobia.

Seriously, why?

With the grasshoppers, its not the living ones.  No.  It’s the idea of seeing a dead one, and then what if it moved?!  Zombie grasshoppers.  The Leaping Undead.  Stuff of nightmares. I cross streets to avoid them. But that fear is not something I have to face every day. Continue reading “Facing Fears: Fish aren’t Friends”

Foodsperiments: What is this even…?

Foodsperiments: What is this even…?

So…Groceries have been bought!  And as always, with the influx of fresh ingredients I got the urge to cook.

When no one was looking I went to work.  My inspiration?  Avocados.  Fresh Avocados. Yum. Continue reading “Foodsperiments: What is this even…?”

Dog Parks

Dog Parks

Ahhhhh, Dog Parks.  Parks full of dogs.  Those wondrous places where you can bring your fuzzy children and let them frolic and play and expend all that energy they’ve built up while you were busy doing boring human stuff.

Hondo Dog Park, Hillsboro, OR

These magical realms serve quite a few purposes when it comes to owning a dog.

  • Dog Socialization – A place to let your dog meet other dogs and have dog conversations (butt-sniffing) and play dog games.  Dog Parks are invaluable for exposing your growing puppy to the dog world and teaching them how to be dogs.
  • Exercise – For a lot of people all over the world, the dog park is a great way to let your dog cut loose.  If you’re living in a place without a decent yard for playtime, you can bring your companion to a dog park where they are free to be dogs all over the place.  If you need Continue reading “Dog Parks”

Deukmejian Pt. 2: the Revenge

Deukmejian Pt. 2: the Revenge

For Park information and my first trip to Deukmejian Wilderness park, Clickety!

For a gallery of all photos taken at Deukmejian Wildnerness Park, Clackety!

On my second trip to Deukmejian Wilderness Park I took Korra and let Tenzin laze about at home.  We arrived at 8:15 am on February 13, 2016 to a sunny warm day.  This time I carried a lot less than before, forgoing the picnic lunch this time for a few snack bars and a bit of kibble for Korra stuffed in her Aussie Naturals backpack and my water-pack.  This time I was smart enough to remember a hat with a bill on it to protect my face from the evil sun.20160213_083050

As Korra is 800,000% more energetic than Tenzin and I and I didn’t have a set time to be 20160213_084329picked up, I decided that this time I would go straight for the harder trails.  We started up on the Mummy Rock Trail, a short trail up to a weird rock?  On the way up we passed a man carrying jugs of water to places along the trail where he would water protected plants and saplings, yet another sign of how well maintained the park is.

Further up the trail you could see a very nice overview of the park area at the trailhead.  Korra enjoyed staring at these views for some reason.  She probably liked watching the people below wandering like ants.  After we reached the big weird rock I’m assuming was Mummy rock (I suppose it could be the shape of your Continue reading “Deukmejian Pt. 2: the Revenge”