Thanksgiving!  Yay!  Food, family, fat-pants! And I’m already itching to get on the road again. But this layover is necessary for more than Thanksgiving reasons. We needed to address all the issues that our shakedown cruise has shaken loose.

Like the hose for the power steering fluid that was too long and rubbed a hole in its side making the power steering in the van go out in the middle of the Los Angeles freeways. Ugh. 

Also there was the fun stuff around how we needed to reorganize the entire van.  My goal was to have the van self-contained so that if we had to we could overnight in a Walmart parking lot or somewhere similar.  On our way down we had so much stuff so badly organized that we had to camp somewhere that we could pitch our little tent for storage just so we could use our bed.  That was far from ideal so ….reorganizing.

We had overdone our food shopping, buying a months worth in our enthusiasm to be out on our own, now we know to only buy enough for the time at each campsite for space reasons.

We had entirely too many clothes, filling every nook and cranny that should be used for other things.

And our bed was still an evil air mattress that no one should ever rely on past a night or two.

So…time to unload, reasses, and reorganize, and as much as I dislike staying with my parents, this week is an ideal time and place to prepare ourselves for the road again.

On top of that, I have been working non-stop to earn gas/insurance/supplies $ as well and to open our new Etsy shop selling the crochet and woven things I can make when we are out of reception range and can’t work online.

So yeah.  Haven’t got much sleep lately. Too much to do! But hey, unlimited coffee, hot showers, endless power and wifi…not too terrible if you can tune out the nagging, guilt trips, and condescension provided by family who thinks this whole living in a van thing is crazy.

I need to work 24/7 though to cover the things we’ve had to buy toimg_8942 accomodate my mad plot.  A futon to sleep on in the van, a hitch cargo rack for storage space, yarn for my crochetings….every penny we spend means a few more hours I don’t sleep scraping money from nothing.  Ideally I can get my etsy shop off the ground but without that….well, we’ll scrape by somehow.

Today I go through my clothes again and this time I have to be ruthless. Anyone have any tips on the more difficult purging? So far I’ve been watching Hoarders while telling myself everything makes me look fat so I don’t need it. -.-


cropped-img_293411.jpgGoblins hate idle hands! Check out our new Etsy store for Crocheted goods made on the road.  Help fill our gas tank while keeping your noggin toasty and your keys handy. For Thanksgiving Weekend get 20% off using coupon code: GOBLINFRIDAY




3 thoughts on “Too much stuff

  1. Can you sell on ebay too? or craigslist? “Box of stuff $ amount!”
    I’m currently(like right now, just stopped to use my phone and then will be back at it) clearing the stuff I’d left at some family’s when I left last year. The way I see it is, I’m happy to pass things on to those who will use it if I won’t now, and anything I may want or need will come to me if and when.
    I do have a post about suggestions for clearing out and have found myself listening to my own suggestions once again! (It’s on the sidebar of my site, if you want to check it out.)
    Focusing on how you like to feel – free, light, at ease, whatever you like- helps a lot. Then the stuff that doesn’t match it falls away and the stuff that does comes or stays.


    1. I’ll take a look. I think I found the right frame of mind right now and am finally making progress. “Do I need this right this second? No? OFF WITH ITS HEAD!” haha I probably should sell whats left but I’ll probably just donate it to my parent’s fav charity. I’ll see. but yeah I have been trying to hold onto that idea that I can always find what I need when I need it and reminding myself that I haven’t really missed any of the stuff I’ve given up thus far. (except my giant Tv of giantness)


      1. Cool. The selling is more since you are wanting more money. Donating is definitely an easy option to clear things too. I’m putting donations together right now! Cool you can enjoy the luxeries of a modern house while you are there, including a TV. (I dropped TV long before my RV life so it was no change there.) Cheers!



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