I’m sitting here now in a state of anxiety because 1.) its election day, and 2.) tomorrow I plan to purchase my first real vehicle of my own.  Tomorrow, Jaime (my boyfriend shaped companion) and I will be meeting with a man about a van.  If that doesn’t work, we will be checking out some other possibilities, but honestly? I really want this van.

A van will mean we start out with a roof on our annoyingly delayed nomadic life.  A van will mean more comfort than the alternatives while we save up for an eventual truck/trailer combo.  So I sit here wallowing in anxiety.

Jaime and I have taken up the battle cry of “We gonna diiiie” regularly now, but we are hopeful about the future. A slow crawl down the west coast to my family in L.A., then, slowly onward across the country eventually to meet Jaime’s mother in New York.  Exciting? yes.  Terrifying?  completely. But waiting to set out has been torture! I hate waiting.

But if things go alright tomorrow then we will be on our way in a day or two and it will be the beginning of our adventure. And it’s about time.  My Goblins haven’t invaded anything in far too long.



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