It’s a freaking miracle.

In a lot of ways.

So, since I last shared with the world, I was rescued from Pasadena, CA by a good friend and her three huskies, taken north to the Oregon Outback where I have been camping in the desert for a few months.

This has been the weirdest couple months of my life and I’ve learned a lot about who I am and the kinds of people that are worth my effort.

Why is it that the people with the most in life give so little, but the people who have nothing will give it all?  They have nothing because they DO give it all to help others and I find that now when I have nothing, I feel richer than when I had it all?

Life is friggin weird, yo.

I stopped wearing makeup and dressing up and worrying about how people saw me and immediately found people who liked me anyways (wtf?)

I have no money to give but my willingness to help others has made me more friends than money ever has.

I stopped caring about my weight and immediately lost a ton of it.

I’ve learned that 99% of what people have is unnecessary.

I’ve learned how to milk a cow and more about recreational and medical pot use than any other non-pot user.

Oh and Goats are assholes.

Also….My tent.  I have found the most badass tent in the universe.  More about that later.

I’m moving closer to my goals of travel but now its less about running and more about exploring and that just feels better.

And the sky here.  Cloud Porn. Pure and Simple.


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